Applications of the innovative modelling of urban surface flooding in the UK case studies




Innovative works on improvement of the modelling of surface flow in urban area has beencompleted at Imperial College London (ICL) under the AUDACIOUS (2006), WaND (2007)and FRMRC (2007) projects. Detailed concepts of methodology are reported in Boonyaaroonnetet al. (2007). It presented concept and modelling system, a tool containing severalGIS-based routines that automatically analyses, quantifies and generates surface flow networkinputs for urban drainage models. The tool analyses several GIS layers such as high resolutionand accuracy LiDAR DEM, land use (buildings, streets, green areas etc.) This paperdemonstrated applications (implementing) of the above breakthrough modelling methodologyof surface flow under pluvial flooding conditions in urban areas. The developed tool has beentested in several UK urban catchments. Analysis, results and discussions on theimplementation of the tool in the selected case studies are reported.

S. Boonya-aroonnet

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